Montenegro snowshoe paradise

Montenegro snowshoe paradise

Some members of the 'zwerftochten' hiking group of the Dutch mountain club NKBV, in March of this year visited a beautiful mountainous area in Montenegro, near Kolašin (Колашин), in the north east of the country and made a snowshoe tour there. The main range there is called Bjelasica (Бјеласица). This area is very suitable for snowshoe walking, because it is not as steep as some other mountainous areas in Montenegro, like for instance Durmitor (Дурмитор). Near Bjelasica is the Komovi (Комови) range, where the group ended the tour.

Making this tour was a nice combination of an outdoor activity in a quiet and beautiful area and of getting to know our neighbours in the Balkan. Something we have done more often, like during our visit to the Rugova.

The photographs that follow give an impression of the very nice tour.


On our way from Vranjak to the mountein hut Krivi Do

Walking through a summer village

Day walk in the area of the Krivi Do mountain hut

Leaving the Krivi Do area and heading for Komovi

View on the Komovi range, on our way from the Krivi Do hut to Stavna

Under Komovi, admiring the view


This tour is new and was made possible by Vlatko Bulatovic of guide agency Zalaz. He arranged for us that local accomodations like the Krivi Do hut were open and could offer meals and sleeping facilities. He also took care of avalanche equipment and daily testing of the stuff. Vlatko is a great companion with thorough knowledge of the area; he also was very kind and helpful about us getting back home in corona-times.

This winter there was less snow than usual in Bjelasica and Komovi.

Please note this was a private tour by members of the hiking group (zwerftochten) of the Dutch mountain club NKBV, it was not organised by the NKBV. We arranged the flight to Podgorica ourselves. Dutch readers can read more about our private initiatives on the 'Verder Weg' page.

This article is written in English, to make it possible for Vlatko and our other friends in Montenegro to read it.


Text and all photographs by Ellen (c)

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